Richard Hellesen

As they say at pretty much every shop I walk into (masked): welcome in....I hope you're all keeping well in this difficult time.  Clearly, it continues to be a challenging time for the theatre, even as the end of a long tough pandemic road seems in sight.  (Get the shot!)  I hope you can find a way to support your local artists--not just to help them stay active and creative now, but so they'll be ready to welcome you back with the exciting and vital work we'll all need when theatre goes live again...

In the meantime, one of my favorite theatres--Ford's Theatre in DC--has been particularly generous this spring about streaming online content FOR FREE, including a couple of my plays commissioned in years past.  Originally premiered in 2012, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were going to have it out again onstage in "Necessary Sacrifices", but conditions still prevent that.  So, in what's turned out to be a brilliant alternative, Ford's has produced the show as radio drama--starring Craig Wallace and Paul Morella, directed by Psalmayene 24, with great sound design by Tony-nominee John Gromada.  You can listen until May 30 by clicking the link below:  

          Necessary Sacrifices

In addition, our long-running one-act about the Lincoln assassination, "One Destiny", was filmed earlier this year and is also available as part of Ford's Theatre's education programming, streaming for free through June 13:

          One Destiny

Finally, happy to say that one of my favorite theatres, City Theatre in Miami, selected my short play "Chopin's Piano" as one of 25 scripts for inclusion in their 25th season, to be celebrated (hopefully) some time this year.  Might turn up on Zoom before then--I'll let you know...

WELCOME... my website.  Which, as you'll see, is still under construction, but as someone also said about plays, "they're not finished, they're abandoned..."


But you're welcome to have a look around--lots of plays waiting to be done, and a few other things.  If you find something you're interested in, contact me!



Ford's Theatre production of "Necessary Sacrifices", starring David Selby and Craig Wallace. (Photo: T. Charles Erickson)