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Richard Hellesen

'Tis the season...!

Time for annual thanks to the theatres bringing "A Christmas Carol" to life:

  • A shout out to the continually wonderful production at the Denver Center Theatre (photo at the bottom); and

  • New this year: an amazing production at Syracuse Stage (flying spirits included)

Joy and plenty for one and all!








And after an extended run off-Broadway this summer and fall,
look for regional productions of "Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground" coming in 2024....More info here!


WELCOME... my website.  Which, as you'll see, is still under construction, but as someone also said about plays, "they're not finished, they're abandoned..."


But you're welcome to have a look around--lots of plays waiting to be done, and a few other things.  If you find something you're interested in, contact me!

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